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For this project, I worked with a travel agency based in Sydney to create signage for their new travel packages to Hainan, China.

The signage will be displayed at a local golf course, consisting of 3 similar designs placed in strategic locations. The signs will feature photographs of iconic Hainan landmarks and landscapes to capture the attention of the target audience - golf enthusiasts and travellers.

In addition to the visually striking imagery, the signage provides details about the travel packages, including a personalised itinerary for customers. This allows the agency to showcase the unique experiences and destinations included in their Hainan offerings.

By placing the signage at the golf course, the travel agency can effectively reach their desired customer base - individuals with a passion for travel and leisure activities. The eye-catching designs and informative content will inspire golfers to consider the agency's Hainan travel packages for their next getaway.

Through this targeted, creative signage campaign, the Sydney-based travel agency aims to generate interest and bookings for their Hainan, China travel offerings.

TourRoo Golf Course Signage Design 1
TourRoo Golf Course Signage Design 2
TourRoo Golf Course Signage Design 3
TourRoo Golf Course Signage Mock-up


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