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Furniture Catalogue Design

For this project, I created a 32-page catalogue featuring a wide range of children's furniture products for a supplier. The target audience for this catalogue is schools throughout Hong Kong.

Since the supplier has provided the product photographs, the focus was on editing the images to optimise the brightness and correct the colour tones. This ensured the furniture pieces were presented in the best possible light to appeal to the school buyers.

Given the large number of products that need to be showcased, the overall layout design was kept simple and clean. This allowed the high-quality furniture images to take centre stage and highlight the diverse offerings available.

The concise, streamlined catalogue design made it easy for Hong Kong school administrators to quickly review the available children's furniture options. By pairing the polished product photography with a straightforward layout, I aimed to create an informative and visually appealing resource that supports the supplier's sales efforts.

Through this collaborative project, the client's children's furniture collection was effectively marketed to the target audience of Hong Kong schools, facilitating product discovery and purchase decisions.

Furniture Catalogue Cover
Furniture Catalogue Cover
Furniture Bookle
Furniture Catalogue Spread A
Furniture Bookle
Furniture Catalogue Spread B
Furniture Bookle
Furniture Catalogue Spread C
Furniture Bookle
Furniture Catalogue Spread D


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